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The role of Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is an extremely specialist and demanding.  This role is sometimes referred to as Inclusion Manager. In order to offer the best possible support for our children at North Lancing, the role is divided between two highly experienced teachers:  Mrs Alex DeFreitas and Mrs Alice Burnage.

Our SENCo’s oversee the twenty three teaching assistants working at school and coordinate support for all children needing that little bit of extra help. Some support such as additional specialist teaching, group work and support programmes are delivered by trained staff with school. Other services such as counselling are delivered by outside agencies.

We work very hard at North Lancing to provide a stimulating, accessible curriculum for all children. We identify pupils with additional needs quickly and put careful support programmes around them to help them succeed. If you have any concerns about your child’s needs please contact their class teacher who will refer you to the appropriate SENCo as necessary.  West Sussex also provide a wealth of valuable information and support.  Please click on the ‘Local Offer’ graphic below to access their site.

SEND Information Report Local Offer

If you have any questions regarding Special Educational Needs at North Lancing, please contact Miss Alex Defreitas or Mrs Alice Burnage below:

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